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We did it!

Wasn’t it great to send off that final paper? Good luck to everyone on their speeches!

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This xc thing was much more than I bargained for. I was a little surprised at the format; in some ways I think that having people read quotes added, and in some ways it detracted from the presentation. Same goes for the interspersion of music, although I really wanted to sing all the verses of […]

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So close and yet so far.

I am 1-2/3 done with my paper. I went from having no thesis, to having two. This could be a problem. Does anyone else feel as though they are going crazy with work right now??

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I’ve kind of enjoyed reading Foner’s edited collection. Some of the chapters and really poorly written, but some are very engrossing. I’ve liked being able to critique them, both in terms of the “newness” of the history, and how much they resemble a lit review. I actually think this book could be a good resource, […]

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