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Chronology of my life.

1987, Born in Washington D.C. 1987-1996 Lived in N.W. Washington, attended preschool through 3rd grade at Layfette Elementary. Met my best friend Claire in 1st grade. Started horseback riding when I was 7. The summer before 4th grade my family moved to Bethesda, Maryland. 4th-12th grades in Montgomery County, MD school system. Summer before 8th […]

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I’m having a little trouble with my research right now, due to ILLs. Apparently there is only one holding for the newspaper I need, and right now I am without it. Because I’m using this newspaper as my primary source, I have to read through each edition, which is quite painstaking. But without having gone […]

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The first paragraph is 100% true. I did go to the Colts game, but I didn’t get upgraded seats, unfortunately.

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Are you sure about that?

This summer in Montana I hiked the Highline Trail and climbed Mt. Gould with some friends. Once we had gone the six miles to Mt. Gould and begun climbing, Molly and I got separated from the three others. They were way ahead of us, and the last time we saw them, they were tiny specks […]

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The thesis of this essay by Linda Gordon is that women’s history has evolved over the course of U.S. history. That is, the study of women’s history has not always been widely accepted and the viewpoints of women have changed dramatically. Gordon’s essay is a mix of her own ideas, backed by the scholarship of […]

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