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Secondary Source Questions.

Berman, Daniel. It Is So Ordered: The Supreme Court Rues on School Segregation. New York: W.W. Norton, 1966. (I realize that the spacing isn’t right). 1. Daniel Berman was a professor of Government at American University. He published several other books pertaining to American goverment and the legal system during the 1960s and early 1970s. […]

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My method of note taking is fairly standard, I suppose. I use a lot of post-it notes to mark important pages, and usually have to write down things that are important. If I’m working with themes or ideas, I’ll keep a table of which notes go with which idea. If it’s an electronic document, I […]

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Good website. http://www.motonmuseum.com/news_school_closings.html  Bad website.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Edward_County,_Virginia

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Sources, sources.

My primary source is an article from The New York Times.  Since I am comparing The Times and the Farmville Herald’s accounts of the P.E. County school closings, newspaper articles are my primary sources. This article was composed by the AP on June 3, 1959, just when the decision to withhold funding for the schools […]

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Today’s Class

Being able to practice researching in the different databases was very useful.  I had a decent amount of luck researching on Lacey’s topic, including a 15 volume set on Civil War medicine that Mr. Bales pointed out.  JSTOR was probably the least helpful database for her topic, but the PIO/PCI had some good articles from […]

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I have consulted (but have yet to meet with) Drs. Ferrell and Crawley.  I have also contacted Dr. Bly, a former professor, for help with this topic.  Some of the books I have started to read into are: They Closed Their Schools (Bob Smith) Bound for Freedom ( Neil Sullivan) It Is So Ordered (Daniel Berman) […]

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My topic

I am planning to focus on the 1950s closing of the Prince Edward County, Virginia public schools.  I want to research why this happened, and moreover how legislators got away with denying citizens basic public education.

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